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Those who act behind the scenes of VISIT

Smells like team spirit

And this spirit goes hand in hand with action: 49 permanently employed specialists continue developing VISIT day by day and adapting new features to the individual requirements of the customers. Software architects, account managers and other specialists from usability engineering to project management work in interdisciplinary teams. A massive advantage for your visitor management.


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trainees in IT science for application development


Usability Engineer

Full team power for your visitor management

Sales Team

The VISIT specialist departments collaborate and merge their individual expertise to a holistic product coupled with associated services to serve your needs. Our sales team is responsible for presentation as well as the first contact with our software. You will be individually consulted and accompanied through your project by our experts from day one. Our experts act as a contact and link between technology and end users to make sure you can use VISIT in an efficient and targeted manner.

Project team

Our head of project management and the technical account managers assume the tasks of counseling and coordination of technical details. From training for admins and users to software installation, this team builds on the work of sales experts and complements their experience with the solution to technical challenges. Now, nothing can stand in the way of efficient management of external persons.

Developer team

The heart of every IT company is its development unit. Experts create yet another piece of VISIT for you every day. In workshops, our product owner offers advice and support with the implementation of workflows, feasibility and exploring alternatives. VISIT benefits from cooperation of different people in one TEAM with the aim to raise the management of external persons to the new level by means of software.