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Coordination of external persons and companies

Your autopilot for efficient visitor management

Get the management of external persons and companies on your premises simplified and automated. VISIT will help you to reduce the burden on your staff, make capacities available, optimize your workflow, and boost your productivity. Standardized processes that additionally comply with all legal requirements significantly increase the level of security on all your sites – and can be perfectly analyzed.

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Success stories of VISIT users

Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH

“Now that we process visits with the system, we have a far better overview and structure in our management of external persons – our reception staff cannot do without this software anymore!


The interface to our access control system leaves nothing to be desired, either. The option of assigning access rights simply on the visitor ID cards is a great relief for our HR department.“

Alexander Eichhorn

Software Development and Digitalization



“We wanted to structure visitor management at Siemens gates in a new way, and decided to introduce a uniform solution for all German sites. Our aim was to considerably reduce the waiting time for our visitors, and to significantly lower the workload of our staff. Since 2014, nearly all our German Siemens sites with staffed reception desks have been using the visitor management system that fully covers all our requirements and is fit for future optimizations as well.“


Manfred Schnorrenberg

Head of Security Management Siemens SRE Germany


“Nowadays, security-related products are increasingly more comparable. With the integration of into our innovative and economic security solutions, we are paving the way for the market of the future.“

Hubert Kalweit
Product Manager Bosch Security Systems



Set new standards.

VISIT will help you to establish company-specific security workflows, and interlink your process steps in a flexible system. User-independent. Consistent. Efficient.

Workflow Visitor EN

No risk. Yet a number of additional effects.


Intuitive operation

New employees are fully capable of operating VISIT after a brief introduction only. Every authorized person can monitor and keep track of every activity on the company premises at all times. In real time. In one dashboard only.


Flexible scalability

Add further packages to your VISIT Basic whenever required. This will allow your VISIT system to grow in line with the requirements of your company.


Unstaffed processing

Prevent bottlenecks: With the help of VISIT, you can have your entire visiting process automated – from appointment coordination to check-out. With personal reception – even without the receptionist.


Detailed documentation

You can easily evaluate and optimize your processes by means of VISIT. On the basis of detailed documentation, you can even support future investment decisions. And the expertise will remain within the company even in case of staff changes.


Efficient e-learning

Provide your staff members and external persons with training via the VISIT E-learning module. From notification to the training session at the workplace or from home – you will always keep track of it all.


Complete campus solution

Make use of VISIT to manage the visits from several companies or organizations on one site. Due to the automated standards, all individual requirements regarding security, workflow and appearance have been considered.

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