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PRO-4-PRO 2017/2018

"Safety on the premises" – Efficient management of visiting processes with the smart reception gate.

Companies have different visitors on their premises every day: Customers or business partners come to visit, suppliers deliver goods, applicants take part in job interviews. What matters here is to oversee the situation to properly protect both business property and staff members from unauthorized persons. At the same time, it is important to avoid any hazards for the visitors on the premises.

Intelligente Pforte

Recording daily visitor traffic is meant to protect the employees and the visitors alike. The way of documenting visitor flow depends on the organizational structure of each respective company. Typically, the registration of visitors takes place via the reception staff on site; safety instruction is performed by a security officer or a site security employee. Yet, many a building have no staffed reception or site security. If the number of visitors is high, a second reception gate is often required. A cost-efficient alternative here is offered by the smart reception gate which can be implemented as a module – the visitor management system by the company Astrum IT.

Registration and instruction of a visitor takes place very easily via an operating terminal. The system can handle both pre-registered and spontaneous visits, and considers different scenarios in the visiting process. For instance, the extent of the safety instruction is determined according to the conditions and individual requirements of the respective site. If necessary, the system conducts checks against all sanctions lists or prints ID cards for access authorization. Due to the modular structure of, the system can be perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the customers. The smart reception gate module is an efficient tool to optimize visiting processes, especially if there are not many staff members available.


An article by Sandra Höck, published in GIT special edition PRO-4-PRO 2017/2018, p. 21.

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