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With VISIT, you are on the safe side.

Enterprises are liable if they do not duly fulfill their duties, and do not provide external persons with a sufficient degree of protection. VISIT offers support in meeting legal requirements, and assumes different associated tasks.

Companies have different visitors on their premises every day: Customers or business partners come to visit, suppliers deliver goods, applicants take part in job interviews. What matters here is to oversee the situation to properly protect both business property and staff members from unauthorized persons. At the same time, it is important to avoid any hazards for the visitors on the premises. According to the provisions of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), every external person has to be instructed regarding the applicable safety regulations. The DGUV provisions contain regulations and measures with regard to accident prevention for various interest groups.

External persons in particular, such as contractors, members of staff from other sites or visitors shall be explicitly instructed concerning their health and safety. The different groups of persons are subjected to increased risk of an accident, since they enter an unknown territory.

GDPR? Automatically considered in VISIT.

VISIT allows you to meet, for instance, the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. In this case, VISIT fulfills the task of deleting and managing personal data in conformity with data protection requirements with configurable time periods according to pre-defined visit intentions. The content- and time-related limits for the legal data storage and processing are thus also easily monitored and adhered to. Legal bases for the management of external persons are generally governed by a number of acts.

Various periods, cycles and occasions are determined for groups of persons that an enterprise needs to observe. Among other things, the provision regarding the instruction of contractors and visitors on health protection and safety can be found in the Law on Occupational Safety. Yet the Youth Employment Protection Act (Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetzt) has stricter periods in this regard.

The more legal regulations are automatically covered by the software, the more safety and security the company boasts.

VISIT handles visiting processes in a legally compliant manner.

Guests and visitors can conveniently accomplish safety instructions beforehand from home or while traveling via online check-in. This will be documented in the visitor records, and can then be viewed by those responsible. By means of kiosk systems and tablets, safety instructions can take place on site. Visiting processes will be started only after all required documents and safety measures have been provided – this ensures protection of companies against legal action.


Food industry in particular is subject to special standards because of the IFS Food certification required by/from many suppliers. Entrances to the company premises need to be monitored and protected against unauthorized access. Visiting processes for visitors, external contractors and suppliers must be traceable, and the guidelines of each respective site must be adequately addressed. The visitor management system VISIT allows legally compliant handling and documentation of visiting processes.