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Productivity boost for your workflow

Some 50 % of VISIT customers currently use the additional VISIT Logistics package to ensure efficient delivery management and ramp scheduling: This package will help you to significantly minimize the holding and waiting time of trucks and suppliers. You can automate and optimize the logistics workflow on your company premises, reduce the workload of your staff, make capacities available, and develop new standards for a significantly higher security level on all sites.


Success stories of our customers



“Thanks to the software by ASTRUM IT, I can be quite confident that our processes in connection with visitor and HGV traffic run as they should. If any problems nonetheless occur, these are immediately rectified by specialists.”

Silviu-Cornel Wagner

Head of Security & Technology, Division Audit Services



“We have been using the visitor management system by ASTRUM IT since the very first generation. Making our employees’ work easier is of utmost importance to us – visit processing shall be quick and uncomplicated. Numerous workplaces at our location are furnished with to record visitors, vehicles as well as trucks together with license numbers. Hardware components such as ID document scanners and barcode scanners that were additionally recommended to us make the workflow even faster.“

Helmut Spöri

Head of Site Security, Solvay Acetow GmbH

  * now Cerdia Productions GmbH



“Along with the high degree of usability offered to us by the ASTRUM IT system, we were particularly impressed by the kind of cooperation. The ASTRUM IT employees are always there to help us and do whatever needed if there are any problems.“

Jens Gassmann
Team Leader Client Management

Set new standards.

The VISIT modular system will help you to establish company-specific security workflows, and interlink your process steps as one concept. To build a workflow. User-independent. Consistent. Efficient.

Workflow Logistik EN

Simply far more productivity with VISIT


Intuitive handling

New employees are fully capable of operating VISIT after a brief introduction only. Every authorized person can monitor and keep track of every activity on the company premises at all times. In real time. In one dashboard only.


Lower costs

Reduce your process costs by more than 50 %: In the central logistics and loading area overview of VISIT, you can create transport orders, and optimally manage loading and unloading processes.


Unstaffed visit processing

Resolve bottlenecks easily: The suppliers announce themselves via self-service – the automatic vehicle recognition does the rest on site.


Detailed documentation

You can easily evaluate and optimize your processes by means of VISIT. On the basis of detailed documentation, you can even support future investment decisions. And the expertise will remain within the company even in case of staff changes.


Reduced holding and waiting time

Make supplier processing faster: Everyone can self-register with their national language by means of the self-service in VISIT. After that, the user will be notified about their turn via pager, tablet or screen.


Systematic safety and security

Every step is a safe one: Suppliers can pass and sign their safety instructions automatically via a kiosk solution or a tablet. Automatic identification documents check, cargo securing acknowledgment – completely covered.