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ASTRUM IT - the company behind VISIT

This is us

Like all our products, VISIT is the result of decades of further development with our customers and partners on site. Originating from engineering, designed and further developed into highly modern solutions, perfected with brilliant service.

Our broad range of activities allows us to always be one developer's nose ahead of the times, to think outside the box and to be flexible. We are digital experts in the most diverse fields of IT consulting and software engineering.

What drives us as a company, what defines us,
what we pass on to our customers: Digital vitality.

We pay demonstrable attention to the highest quality and safety




ISO 9001




We have been applying a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995.

Our scope includes IT consulting services, sales, development and support of software solutions.

In this way, we provide our customers with products that are demonstrably flawlessly developed and avoid extra costs.

DIN EN ISO 13485



ISO 13485




This certificate confirms that we have applied a quality management system as a supplier to medical device manufacturers since 2011.

The scope of the certificate is: Production of customer-specific software in the medical field.

As a certified supplier, our developments meet extremely high standards of reliability and safety. With defined processes and infrastructures, we support our customers throughout the entire development process, including risk management and usability.

DIN EN ISO 27001



ISO 27001




We have been applying DIN EN ISO 27001 as the international standard for information security since 2022.

The scope of 27001 covers consulting, products and services in the areas of IT outsourcing, hosted and in-house IT operations, network and data security and software development.

With this certification, we can prove that we take into account all the requirements and security interests placed on us and that we process and store entrusted information securely.