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You don't have to hold the door open for uninvited guests! In your function at the reception desk, as a security officer or facility manager - and not least as an HR officer or plant security guard - you usually encounter new faces every day. 

While the number of visitors remains manageable in smaller companies, the security risks increase immeasurably for companies with a larger workforce, multiple locations or large areas. Particularly at risk: (government) research institutions or other areas with a daily changing international audience.

You already have a very concrete idea of your needs?

Based on our info materials you will reach your decision faster.

VISIT is the practical tool for contemporary visitor management.
VISIT makes it easy for you: See permanent visitors and strangers at a dashboard glance and concentrate on your core business.

These 4 most important reasons argue for a visitor management with VISIT

Sicherheitsvorschriften einhalten

Compliance with all safety regulations.

Einsparpotenzial durch VISIT

The large savings potential of 50-80% through the use of VISIT.

Schutz von Innovationen und persönlichen Daten

The protection of your innovations and personal data from unauthorized access.

Skalierbarkeit von Modulen

The scalability of modules to your specific (changing) company circumstances.

It is our more than 30 years of expertise in software development that makes us your trusted partner for your visitor management questions.

Contact our experts to discuss your specific questions.

Why these industries rely 100% on our visitor management services

Our technical solutions show how precisely we know your individual industry needs:


Food industry

  • Valid data for your audits and (IFS) certifications: Analyze with VISIT who was when and where on your premises.
  • Visitors in a strictly regulated production environment: with VISIT, you ensure compliance with hygiene and safety regulations even when visitors register automatically.

Look forward to:

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Successful IFS certifications
  • Relief of your employees and thus freed up resources
  • Uncomplicated self check-in and check-out at the end of the visit


Does your company have individual visitor management requirements?

Here you go: Our experts will explain what VISIT can also do for you by calling 0911/81510-0.


Pharma / BioTech

  • Arrive safely and quickly at your destination: Thanks to VISIT CAMPUS, guests, company employees and visitors arrive quickly at their destination - and only at this destination - even in complex industrial parks.

  • Administration: VISIT speeds up processes such as pre-registration, data entry, online check-in and, of course, instruction.

  • Assignment of rights: Some doors must remain closed. Use VISIT to define which labs or manufacturing areas open your doors to guests.

Look forward to:

  • Coordinated visitor guidance at confusing locations with different companies.
  • Fast self check-in incl. security briefing and badge issuance.
  • Smooth check-out incl. logging. 


Are you responsible for security in an industrial park or pharmaceutical company?

We will be happy to advise you personally on your requirements by phone at 0911/81510-0.



  • Tradition und Hightech treffen aufeinander: Erledigen Sie Anmeldungen mit VISIT automatisiert und damit routiniert.
  • Compliance: Sichern Sie mit VISIT das Einhalten von Sicherheitsstandards und Bankenregulierung.
  • Sichern Sie sich, Ihre Mitarbeiter und Ihre Werte ab: Mit VISIT definieren Sie Zutrittsbeschränkungen und definieren genehmigungspflichtige Bereiche bzw. individuelle Vorgänge (z. B. Zutritt externer Industriegewerke).

Look forward to:

  • Lean approval workflows for longer personal customer contact.
  • Security for your company and employees: VISIT checks identities, e.g. passport or ID card.
  • Self-explanatory digital security briefing with signature confirmation.
  • The display of all necessary documents.


Are you interested in visitor management at a bank or financial institution?

Contact us on 0911/81510-0 and we will find out what we can do for you.


High security / research

  • Complex. More complex. VISIT. As IT experts and developers, we know that an environment can never be secure enough. Our solution for the high-security sector thinks ahead - and we do too.
  • Some places need extra security. VISIT therefore takes care of identity verification via a complex and therefore secure login process.
  • Let's be frank about it: Only a good visitor management system like VISIT compares your guests' data with sanctions and terror lists.
  • Required reading: VISIT automates the legally compliant creation of documentation and strictly adheres to security and confidentiality regulations.

Look forward to:

  •  Audit-proof registration processes
  • Maximum transparency for visitor data
  • Automated check routines
  • Legally compliant document submission
  • Low data volumes when archiving data
  • Acceleration of processes and thus reduction of security risks

Are you interested in visitor management for a high-security area?

Call 0911/81510-0 or e-mail and our expert will be happy to help you personally.


Automotive/ industrial manufacturing

  • Small part, big task - every element in automotive production bears "responsibility" for components and systems in its own way.  
  • As IT experts and developers, we are responsible for ensuring that your knowledge as an automotive company or industrial supplier stays where it belongs: Internally.
  • When it comes to ISO 27001 and the Tisax standard, we are on familiar ground and take the stress out of auditing.
  • With VISIT, you can establish the identity of your visitors and external company employees and coordinate their registration processes.
  • Thanks to VISIT, you have legally compliant documentation - including your specific security and confidentiality regulations.

You can rely on:

  • Transparent data from suppliers, service providers and other guests
  • Legally compliant document submission
  • Automated checking routines and therefore a permanent reduction in costs
  • Acceleration of processes and thus reduction of security risks
  • Audit-proof registration processes
  • Low data volumes when archiving data


Are you interested in visitor management at a bank or financial institution?

Contact us on 0911/81510-0 and we will find out what we can do for you.

Why VISIT visitor management is also so valuable for your company.

You can see it for yourself: Only clever and individual software features - combined with high-quality hardware - can create a visitor management system that is precisely tailored to your needs. And which offers you maximum security and relieves your employees.

  • Can be used either as a cloud solution (hosted in the ASTRUM IT data center) or on-premise.
  • Simple implementation in your existing IT architecture via interfaces.
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership through cloud operation and support by ASTRUM IT.
  • Reduction of process costs by up to 50 - 80 % due to personnel reduction and reduced effort.
  • Can be used with staff support or fully automated and is therefore cost-efficient.
  • Saves resources thanks to optional unmanned operation.
  • Software extension (e.g. VISIT Self-Service) with language package and exclusive display of the data required for the visitor.
  • Simple solution for high fluctuation of external companies such as tradesmen, cooperation partners or customers.
  • Cost-saving thanks to modular design and scalability and therefore individual selection.
  • Fast commissioning due to low degree of process digitization.
  • High acceptance / compliance thanks to intuitive operation on a dashboard.
  • Flexibility through self-configuration of locations / areas to be monitored.
  • Individually customizable configuration (VISIT Campus) for industrial sites with multiple tenants / companies.
  • Freedom to create requirement profiles: Visitor types, visitor passes and required security briefings can be customized.
  • Precise (audit-capable) real-time monitoring of all relevant parameters.
  • Comprehensive analytics ensure that audits are carried out in accordance with consistently high safety standards.
  • Simplified and accelerated processes through user learning by doing.

Digital vitality - so simple. So good.

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VISIT: digitized and automated.

For added functionality in visitor management. Our digital vitality - for you and your service providers.