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Yard Management
Making logistics fun

Get a grip on yard management with VISIT

As the operator of an industrial park or logistics manager, you know it yourself: Gates and loading ramps are just two of many neuralgic points in internal logistics (often referred to as yard management) that you may need to keep an eye on 24/7. Companies with a high volume of suppliers in particular face enormous challenges here. Trucks not only have to be parked temporarily, they also have to be scheduled logically and with foresight. But it's not just logistics managers who need to keep an eye on their yard management: The same applies to goods receiving and dispatch, not to mention plant security and IT: delivery traffic and security are everyone's business.

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Are you facing the challenge of having to manage and secure delivery traffic on a large and/or confusing factory site for the first time?

Is your daily work routine influenced by:

  • Individual delivery traffic in combination with sophisticated site logistics?
  • A high volume of external persons and vehicles with individual site destination addresses?
  • An obligation to provide evidence of logistics movements in order to comply with your specific safety regulations and audit requirements?
  • Demanding logistics processes for deliveries of hazardous materials?

Traceable delivery/transport routes in sensitive research areas?
Detailed recording and evaluation of routes taken by external persons?
The desire for paperless documentation and intuitive digital tools?
The need for automated ID card creation for suppliers?

If you recognize yourself and your daily routines, VISIT Logistics as software for yard management will noticeably relieve you and enable you to act in a modern, digitalized way and thus achieve digital vitality.

More transparency. More security. More efficiency

- there is little that our Yard Management cannot do.

  • VISIT Logistics records your entire delivery traffic including vehicle, driver and carrier.
  • VISIT overcomes language barriers by using language packages for the drivers.
  • Monitoring of arrival, entry and exit times.
  • Location-specific definition of one or more transport orders incl. delivery note number, load with fixed parameters or via free-field configuration.
  • Automated retrieval of a logistics overview with vehicles present for those responsible.
  • Supplier registration after arrival and automated retrieval of external truck parking space.
  • Individual digital assignment of trucks to a specific loading ramp / loading gate via various end devices, e.g. pager, radio receiver or display board.  
  • Overview of all waiting trucks at a local location.
  • Generation of statistics on arrival, call-off, entry and exit times.
  • Improvement of internal processes by evaluating truck idle times and other parameters.


With Yard Management, you even receive a receipt when unloading loads. Load securing included.

Whether you as a logistics manager decide to issue radio message receivers (e.g. pagers) to your suppliers or prefer a display system is up to you. VISIT Logistik leaves all options open to you and only requires the appropriate interfaces to your radio message receiver system or display system.

Would you like more information or do you need help deciding which system is better for you?

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To ensure that you are always on the safe side, not only in terms of people, but also in terms of cargo, we have implemented truck acknowledgement in VISIT Logistics. As a logistics manager and for incoming and outgoing goods, you can ensure that only those trucks leave your premises that have delivered their freight completely and correctly in one or more delivery areas. Whether you use a barcode scanner or an ID card reader to confirm the complete unloading of loads is up to you - VISIT Logistik is as individual as you need it to be.

Our features only partially meet your requirements? That's quite normal - after all, we are talking about the processes and individual framework conditions that have developed for most companies.

Our experts will also be happy to advise you on specific questions.
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Intuitive. Logical. Simple.

This is how yard management works with VISIT LOGISTICS

  • Easy to integrate into your existing IT.
  • Complexity down, delivery traffic flow up: more efficiency in vehicle processing.
  • Security for all sides thanks to the multilingualism of VISIT Logistik (language packages).
  • Strengthened service provider-customer relationship through transparent driver downtimes.
  • Smooth, cost-efficient handling of loading/unloading processes.
  • Proven cost savings of between 50 and 80%
  • Avoidance of congestion and maneuvering work in front of / in loading zones.
  • Improved occupational health and safety thanks to clear processes.
  • Transparent load securing thanks to the obligation to provide evidence of security measures.
  • Easier implementation of given safety regulations.

With VISIT Logistik, we are also happy to make your logistics life more relaxed.

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VISIT: digitized and automated.

Our digital vitality - for you and your service providers.