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VISIT - A brand of ASTRUM IT

Bring your processes into flow

The visitor management system By means of VISIT, you can efficiently manage, monitor and keep track of the activities of external persons and vehicles on your company premises or event venue. In real time. In one dashboard only. What makes the difference is digital fluid: Our unique process method ensures entirely seamless adjustment to your existing systems, smooth workflows from appointment coordination through registration to seeing off – coupled with effortless operation.



Visitor management and Yard Management – VISIT fits like a glove. Modular structure and scalability whenever necessary: Thanks to the digital fluid concept, VISIT fits in perfectly and grows with the requirements of your enterprise. VISIT is a web-based application available from anywhere. And it boasts 100 % GDPR conformity.


VISIT is used globally and constitutes the central system for all your sites. The complete application comprises five world languages. And there are even 23 user languages in self-service.




developer hours for VISIT annually


visits managed by VISIT annually


deliveries handled by VISIT annually

Digital vitality is a matter of team spirit.

VISIT is the product of success by ASTRUM IT. VISIT stands for digital vitality as does the company itself. We see it as an aspiration to continuously upskill our experts, and to keep ahead of the times in terms of development. We do this systematically at the ASTRUM IT Academy in the form of training sessions and classes, tech talks and exploration days. We employ digital experts only. This offers decisive benefits to our partners – from all-round consulting through the development of customized solutions to products such as VISIT.