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GIT-Sicherheit & Protector 12/2023

License plate recognition in yard management

With its brand VISIT, ASTRUM IT presents an innovative technology for license plate recognition in yard management. As one of the first software providers on the market, VISIT enables fully automated and time-saving processing of deliveries and collections. The license plate serves as an identification medium.


By scanning the license plate, the visit or delivery process begins and ends automatically. The time of entry and time of exit are tracked for tracing purposes. Different authorizations can also be assigned.

License plate recognition offers numerous advantages for companies. On the one hand, VISIT saves customers, suppliers and companies time by speeding up registration and delivery, which enables fast and smooth logistics processing. On the other hand, suppliers no longer have to incur additional costs for identification media such as pagers, QR codes or RFID badges. However, self-registration at the kiosk is required.

In the long term, the use of license plate recognition within VISIT will result in significant cost savings. This is because manual or cumbersome registration and processing procedures cost money. Pagers and RFID cards are expensive and wear out. Convenient registration by tapping the license plate on the kiosk system enables efficient and resource-saving use. Material costs for the RFID cards, paper printouts and pagers are eliminated and the time for printing and issuing the cards is saved.

License plate recognition within VISIT is not only suitable for yard management, but also for visitor management.

Visitor license plates are recorded when entering a parking garage or parking lot and suggested during self-registration.The license plate can also be used to control barriers.

Another possible combination is with the event-based automation (EBA) module.This enables, for example, the automatic creation of dummy visits after license plate recognition. This is particularly useful if there are many entrances and a low security requirement.This optimizes gate operation and ensures fast processing.

There is a standard interface for the integration of license plate recognition. Already integrated systems are CarReader, Camovation and Tatille Vega.

The license plate recognition technology in VISIT is a valuable advancement in yard management.With VISIT, ASTRUM IT enables companies to handle their logistics efficiently and in line with the times.The technology is not yet widely used and makes ASTRUM IT a pioneer in this field.



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