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14.9.0 - 14.11.0

Q3 What's New 2023

Autumn is just around the corner and, despite the hot summer, we have been busy developing and tinkering for you again. With these profitable innovations in VISIT, we would like to make your fall even more golden:

VISIT Secure VISIT Secure

Visitors plan enough time for an upcoming visit in case they are stuck in a traffic jam or cannot find the building directly. We have made the following changes to VISIT so that they are not left standing in front of a locked door: From now on, you can determine the time from which the visitor's access rights are valid. For example, you could say that the date of the visit (scheduled entry time) is at 10:00 a.m. and you allow the visitor access from 09:30 a.m. if they arrive earlier.

What was already possible in VISIT: The access rights of a visitor badge can be activated manually by the employee responsible (badge activation via link). There is now another helpful enhancement here:

Now the visit barcode and the license plate number can also be activated manually via e-mail. This means that activation is now possible with all access media. However, this is only activated after self-registration.


It is now possible to display a support contact point directly in VISIT. You can store this in the Global settings - System area.

Particularly helpful: The support notice is even displayed on the login page so that the user can get help without logging in, for example if they have forgotten their password. The message can also be displayed in all available UI languages.

Completed visits and attendances can now be displayed and exported in the employee pre-registration.

In addition, visits can now also be repeated in the employee pre-registration. The repeated visit corresponds to a new pre-registration as usual.

Previously, it was only possible to store texts such as declarations of consent or general information at the location. We have also improved this for you: from now on, you can store different and freely configurable text templates for each theme at the online check-in.

The user manual also makes it much easier for all users to get useful help with questions and problems regarding a feature in VISIT. A button on every VISIT page can now be used to go directly to the relevant chapter of the user manual: We support TLS 1.3 as of .NET 4.8

Please note the changes in the system requirements and discontinuations:

Old versions of VISIT will be discontinued from VISIT version 15.0 - What does this mean in concrete terms? We will continue to support the 24-month old versions. This means for you: With the release of version 15 (next version) version 13.0.0 will still be supported, from the release of version 15.1.0 only VISIT version 13.1.0 will be supported. We ask for your understanding

Further innovations:

Even easier handling of visitor group import: From now on you can download the visitor group import template directly next to the upload.

VISIT Connect
The external access control system dormakaba Kaba exos 9300 can now also be connected via REST interface.

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