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14.6.0 - 14.8.0

Q2 What's New 2023

From innovations in the logistics area to adjustments in the area of data protection: there are once again some exciting and important further developments of VISIT, which we naturally do not want to withhold from you. The last three VISIT versions 14.6.0, 14.7.0 and 14.8.0 include the following new features:

VISIT Logistics VISIT Logistics

VISIT can now control barriers and open doors without an externally connected access control system. This means that a visit can now be started and ended automatically by recognizing a license plate.

When booking with an access medium - a badge, QR code or license plate - VISIT checks in real time whether the visitor is authorized to enter or not.
If the visitor has the appropriate access rights for the period checked and all other necessary steps have been completed (e.g. has the safety briefing been completed according to regulations or has the visit been approved?), they are authorized to enter.

A license plate recognition system can then query the access authorization for a recognized license plate in VISIT and allow a visitor to enter directly. QR codes and ID cards can also be checked for access authorization independently of an external access control system.

We offer you a smoother process flow in the logistics area with the following further development:
From now on, you can conveniently send SMS messages to drivers from the logistics overview during the delivery process. This allows you to inform the driver of any changes in the workflow at any time so as not to delay the process. The text messages can be freely configured.

The logistics overview has also been adapted. If you are working with individual fields in the visit, you can now use the table code to add them.

Please note the changes in the system requirements and announcements:

Advance notice: With VISIT version 15.0, versions 13.3.0 and older will be discontinued.

Further new features:

VISIT Self-Service

Do you work with very long data protection notices because your regulations do not allow it otherwise? We have developed a good compromise solution for you. You now have the option of folding in the data protection text during online check-in! This way you fulfill all legal requirements and at the same time the visitor does not feel overwhelmed by long data protection notices.


A further step towards optimized rights management has also been taken: From now on, you can determine which organizational units and visit types employees can select during pre-registration and which they should not see. This can now be adjusted at any time in the administration area.

In addition to the restrictions on data access, there are also enhancements in the area of transparency. Employees now have the option of viewing completed visits & completed attendances on their employee pre-registration page.

In addition, employees can now be configured to edit and delete visits that they have created themselves. The function can be deactivated in the global settings. By default, employees can edit all visits.

VISIT Connect

Previously, preset access rights

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