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15.6.0 - 15.8.0

Q2 What's New 2024

To make sure the summer doesn't fall completely flat, we're showing you sunny prospects for VISIT and we hope that we can give you a sunny treat with our new developments:


More individual control options for assigning access rights

Administrators can now configure which roles can assign access rights for each access right. This means you can now control the assignment of rights in a more targeted and situation-dependent way.

Versioning of safety instructions

Are you constantly faced with the challenge of having to update your safety instructions due to changes?
This is precisely when it can make sense for SUs that have already been carried out to retain their validity. To simplify administration here, we now offer you the option of versioning safety instructions.
You can also configure that the validity of the instruction remains valid, for example, in the event of marginal changes.



Improved usability for multilingualism

VISIT is growing and so is the variety of languages in the software! In order to ensure easier usability for multilingualism, all translations of a designation can now be copied and pasted to another location. For this purpose, a button for copying and a button for pasting are available at the appropriate places. If you click the copy button, all the translations entered for this designation are copied to the clipboard. If you then click on the Paste button (at another location), all existing translations are simultaneously entered in the field corresponding to their language.


VISIT ConnectVISIT Connect

New software for recognizing ID documents

In order to ensure that your visitor and delivery traffic is handled efficiently and smoothly on site, we want to provide you with the best possible technology at all times. This sometimes requires a changeover, as we want to continuously improve.

Regula Forensics, the software that is also used at border crossings (e.g. airports), is available with VISIT version 15.8.0 as a new OCR service ("Optical Character Recognition" = automatic text recognition) for ID documents. The database of more than 14,000 international document templates from 251 countries enables a very good recognition rate.

Regula can read barcodes and perform OCR (and in the future many other features, such as face-matching). This makes it the best choice for your ID document readers.

Please note the changes in the system requirements and discontinuations:

With VISIT version 15.9.0, the Registration Client (self-service) is no longer supported. This will be replaced by the versatile, configurable WebRegClient, which enables far more flexible self-registration processes.  

There will be a special newsletter on this topic in the near future, in which the advantages and application/training options will be discussed.

Further innovations:

VISIT Connect
If you also use the WLAN server "Cisco Identity Services Engine", we have great news for you:
It is now possible to generate WLAN access for visitors in VISIT via the "Cisco Identity Services Engine". This allows visitors to use an individual WLAN access, which is linked to their own visitor data record in VISIT.

There was also an extension to our Public API:
In the GraphQL endpoint, visitors and employees can now be searched by e-mail address!

Administrators now have the option of setting a new default end time for access authorization: "Time on planned exit day".

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