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VISIT E-learning


With a new e-learning module, VISIT provides a comprehensive overview – from messages up to instructions at the workplace.

For many years, the customers of ASTRUM IT GmbH, established in 1992, have enjoyed the benefits of the VISIT brand. The visitor management software VISIT is a scalable solution giving you a 360° view of the company premises. The system provides a synthesis of the fields of digital visitor management, logistics management and training tool! From appointment coordination and registration up to employee instructions – all processes are combined in one single software tool. VISIT has expanded its VISIT Plus package by the new “E-learning” module.

Übersicht über das E-Learning Modul der Besuchermanagement Software VISIT


The Erlangen-based software experts for digital vitality have expanded their brand VISIT by the functional E-learning module. Completely autonomous and independent of visits, it provides the possibility of training employees as well as external persons.

To do so, you just need to store training contents and define validities in accordance with the people to be instructed. By pre-assigning employees and contractors to specific groups – e. g. “production” or “all employees” – all members of the respective groups receive the latest version of the instructions with a single click. By means of questions you can verify and document that people understood the instructions, which, of course, is GDPR-compliant. The “training coordinator” keeps track of everything. All instructions already given, along with information on the participant, training version and validity, are provided easily via the export function.

The “training coordinator” receives an overview of all pending training/instruction events the validity of which expires and must be renewed. As soon as an instruction is about to lose its validity and must be given again, the software can be configured to send an e-mail reminder to the training coordinator and the participants X days prior to the expiration. This allows for all activities to be easily and efficiently managed.

The integration of another area into the software provides smooth process flows, since no additional systems are needed to cover all requirements.

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